25 November 2023

Working with Resin


1.    Weigh out the resin,  1 hardener to 2 resin.  (eg 10g hardener: 20g resin)*  Foe ease of mixing, you can warm the resin in the microwave for a few seconds at a time for example 100ml  resin only = 6 sec or stand a bowl hot water to warm.

If you look at the 2 products before they are mixed it will look as like oil and water (kind of) I will always mix until I can no longer tell there is two products in the cup, there will be bubbles but most of these will pop out.  mix well, scraping down the sides, pouring mixed into a new container and then mixed again to ensure no raw product but this should have been eliminated with the addition of a new container. Please remember not to mix too vigorously, as this will create excessive air bubbles.                                                                                                                                                                             

Alternatively (Option 2): measure the resin, microwave for 3-5  seconds and gently mix for 1-2 min as this liquid will maybe warm.  

2.    When pouring the resin onto your surface, only pour half of what you need.  Pull this out to the edge with your spatula (ice cream stick or gloved hands,I find this much easier on bigger pieces) now gradually add the rest, little by little building up your edge so it is nicely bevelled (1-3ml in height if this is what you want, generally with doming resin you will get the most height), not applicable if you want it to run over the edges.  

3.    Let this sit for a few minutes, which will let the bubbles surface and then pass over with a heat gun or butane pencil torch.  This may have to be done more than once.  20min mark and then 30 min mark.  

4.    The resin will be ‘touch dry’ in 4 - 5 hours,  fully hard in 5-7days but will not be fully cured for 3 weeks.  This resin is heat resistant.  Although I say 5-7 days,I have never had a problem sending works 2 days after a pour.

5.    This is UV-safe resin, that has a  HALS additive in it and is UV protected, but please DON'T store any raw resin or finished product in direct sunlight.

General coverage rule is:  height x width x 2   300 x 400mm 1200 (120g combined resin weight) x 2  = 240g240g =80 hardener160 Resin

*It is still  2:1  but I lessen the hardener by 2 grams.  eg  8g hardener: 20g resin.I do this when I am pouring in colder temperatures.  NOTE:  Mentholated  Spirits  for clean-up





Donna O'Donoghue