new works 2021



Welcome to the home of Digital and Mixed Media Artist Donna O'Donoghue.

Based in New Plymouth, Taranaki, Donna spends her day creating. Whether it be playing with mixed media textures or dreaming up magical places in photoshop, Donna believes art is life. She thinks art lives and breathes through the creator and the admirer. 


Art is not just an inanimate object, it is a story teller, an emotive provoker that has the ability to make light dance and change the mood of a space instantly. Art can induce feelings of calm or lift a dull space to one that invokes a joyful experience.

Surreal Digital

Donna's love of creativity has never been limited to one genre, though photomanipulation has always been one of Donna's main mediums.


From when she first discovered how to use layers back in 2000, before she even discovered photoshop, photomanipulation has been a creative process Donna has always loved. Now, many years later, she has an online surrealism gallery full of humorous animals, satirical historical portraits, bird images and fantasy surrealism prints for sale.

Mixed media

Abstract resin art. Mention those words to Donna and her mind does a little dance, you can see the excitement in her eyes as she starts playing with the thought of colour and light and how they both create movement. Resin can be a tricky beast which Donna is learning to tame and sometimes the ‘experiments’ are as beautiful as the planned products of her imagination. 


Donna uses resin in a variety of methods. From using it as a medium with paint, a gloss for finishing works, or melding it into a piece of art in own right.