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As a self-taught artist, I have dedicated my career to exploring the limits of my medium and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. My works are a reflection of my ongoing commitment to experimentation, exploration and the joyful pursuit of creative excellence.

My exhibition history includes showcasing my artworks in various galleries and national exhibitions across the country, where I have been well-received by audiences and received positive reviews from art critics. I have had the opportunity to display my artworks in prestigious venues and participate in highly competitive exhibitions, that showcase a wide range of talents from emerging artists to well-established ones.

My medium of choice varies between abstract resin art, digital compositions, and large fluid watercolour slightly abstract landscapes pieces, I consider that my exploration of multiple mediums is the best way to express my vision. Through my art, I seek to provoke thought and inspire emotion, challenge perceptions and question the status quo.

I come from a background in the culinary industry, having worked as a chef for 25 years before making the transition to art. Despite not holding any formal art education, my personal academic background and achievements, have given me an excellent foundation for my artistic exploration. I continue to participate in artist workshops, allowing me to stay current with the latest trends and techniques, collaborate with other artists and be exposed to new perspectives.


PH:  64211853970

Donna O'Donoghue