Creating a Metal object Dupe

As far as dupes go it was quite easy to make, I am sure you can do it :)
  1. Mix Resin
  2. Pour into tube
  3. When you can feel it is set and malleable cut the tube and remove the resin piece
  4. Mold or fold resin around an object and clamp in place, leave to cure till resin is set in place
  5. Spay resin to give a base colour
  6. Add gold leaf or spray with gold paint
  7. Spray with a clear sealant coat








10 September 2022

West Elm Dupe,  Metal Object.


I came across this when I was scrolling through West Elm's adorable home decor range, I loved it immediately, for many reasons... it's so shiny, its lines are clear and precise, and the most exciting thing to me was I knew how I could make it. I have been a lover of resin for over 10 years I mainly use it in my art as a finishing coat or a medium, but this took me down another road, as I had done something similar a couple of years ago as an installation in a gallery.





Donna O'Donoghue