Creating a vintage vessel


you will need

Baby Muslin - cut into sheets that will cover 3/4 of the shape
Cement - I used Eversure Cement
Fine Sand
Beach Ball
Paper Lantern
Cemix Container stated ratio - water 175g/1kg - I used roughly 17g/100ml
Water Spray Bottle - use when cement to drying out.
Paint - Burnt Umber (colour optional)
Walnut Ink Stain (optional)
Clear Matt Varnish
Black spray
Old bowl
Mix cement.
1 part cement - 2 part sand
Dip muslin sheet into cement mix, working on the bottom half of the ball/shape layer round the muslin sheets - leave to dry
- drying can take up to 24 hours
Rotate ball/shape, you will now be adding the sheets to the top of the vessel. Please ensure you have a decent lip of muslin-crete sheets over the lip the the vessel and on the inside of it. Leave to dry, I hung this with a clamp via the beachball valve
Add another layer to bottom section - leave to dry
Add another layer to the top section, paying attention to the vessel opening. Leave to dry.
Depending on the thickness of the layers I would check to see if you can see any light seepage coming through thin patches on the inside, patch if required, also I would add another layer to the opening of the vessel to ensure it is solid enough, eg, not going to crack with ongoing handling. Leave to dry
Mix Cemix, this product you will definitely need a spay water bottle and this product dries out quickly and adheres better with moisture. Again you will be working in top and bottom sections separately to start. Note - theses are thin layers, we will be building these up.
With top section and bottom section now having one layer of the cement, you can add another layer adding a little paint to the mix, I used maybe 1/4 tspn to 60/300g Cemix.
While the Cemix is still wet start adding the dirt rub, continue until vessel is covered, leave to dry. Drying time for this product is quick compared to cement.
Brush off excess dirt.
Add Walnut stain (optional). I also rubbed dirt into this layer. Leave to dry'
Remove Beachball
Spray inside with black paint to disguise lantern colour
Spray outside with protective matt varnish
and you are done!
If it wobbles around make a sandbag and insert to hold in place






27 August 2022

Vintage vessel dupe


In this blog, I will go through the process of making this style of Pottery Bar/Anthropologie dupe.
I share my experience in making a large lightweight vessel with layers of concrete. Much like RH (Restoration Hardware) and Anthropologie Dupes I have given mine a rustic vintage with my walnut stain and a modern textured finish. I hope this inspires you to grab a beach ball, muslin and concrete to give this dupe a try for yourself it a a DIY project for your home decor that you won't regret.





Donna O'Donoghue