Today you are



Medium:   Book

Dimensions:  140mmm x 140mm


Discover the wisdom and whimsical delight in "Today You Are Your Daily Inspiration from Animal Symbolism." 

This charming 64-page book pairs thought-provoking quotes with animals in surprising contexts. On each left-hand page, an inventively dressed creature like a raincoat-wearing pig or wolf In sheep's clothing. The adjacent right-hand pages reveal carefully written quotes that inspire self-reflection and personal growth. 

The pig - "Get stuck in and love the life you live.  Immerse yourself deeply into your journey by leaning into the messy parts and growing through the experience.  Use each experience to shape a better you.

A portable 14cm x 14cm size makes this book perfect for tucking into a bag or displaying on a nightstand as a daily dose of motivation cloaked in imaginative animal symbolism.

Size:  14cm x 14cm

Paper: 170 gsm

10 May 2024

Donna O'Donoghue