This breathtaking hardcover edition invites you to gaze into the mesmerizing eyes of spirit animal guides through vivid, photorealistic portraits. At an impressive 28cmx 28cm size, the creatures seem to leap off each page, captivating your imagination.

Each page features a striking, poster-worthy animal image radiating personality and presence.

Whether gifting to an insightful loved one or gracing your coffee table, "Awaken" acts as a symbolic talisman. With every turn of the page, it nudges you toward unshackled freedom, feral grace, and keen life wisdom.



Today You Are & Table Talk 

     official The Collaboration New Plymouth

today you are


This delightful 14cm x14cm softcover book pairs vivid, whimsical animal portraits with inspirational words and wisdom drawn from their symbolic meanings across cultures.

Beautiful full-page images of creatures grace each left-hand page. Alongside, you'll find a thoughtful quote or mantra on the right page, distilling that animal's spiritual lessons into easy contemplation.

From the persevering beavers teaching us diligence to the butterflies embodying transformation - these animal guides gently nudge you to live more authentically, joyfully, and attuned to life's sacred cyclical rhythms.

Let the Beaver remind you to "Construct your ideal life with grit and heart." Or the Pig's words evoking your desire to get stuck in Each animal totem provides a touchstone for reclaiming your truest self.

An ideal bedside companion, this inspiring little book will quickly become a treasured daily ritual. Whether embracing your sovereign Lion's power or feeling the lighthearted freedom of the spirited Rabbit - these animal-inspired passages enliven your day.

With a vibrant yet calming natural aesthetic, this volume provides the perfect canvas for life's whimsical spiritual lessons to radiate. Let "Today You Are" connect you with animal wisdom to awaken your own clarity and brilliance.


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Donna O'Donoghue