Table Talk



Medium:   Hardcover book

Dimensions:   280mm x 280mm


Here is a potential product description for the book "Table Talk: A Selection of Surreal Animal Imagery":

"Table Talk" is a visually captivating coffee table book that invites you into a whimsical world where animals take on remarkably human qualities. This meticulously curated collection presents a series of surreal yet thought-provoking anthropomorphic images that blur the lines between the natural and the domestic.

Each stunning photograph depicts familiar animals in startlingly imaginative vignettes - a formally dressed fox striding through a city street, a beaver diligently stacking logs while donning an adventurer's garb, or a lizard's eye view revealing brilliant dragon-scale patterns. These magical realism scenes delight the senses while prompting contemplation about our connection to nature.

Accompanying every image is a succinct quote that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the visual metaphor.

10 May 2024

Donna O'Donoghue