Q: What materials are used to create this piece?
A: This abstract art piece is made using a blend of Golden Fluid Acrylics, Daler Rowney and Liquitex Inks and Art Resin.
Q: Is each piece unique?
A: Yes! Each piece is handmade by Donna, so no two pieces are exactly the same.
Q: What are the dimensions of this piece?
A: The dimensions vary by piece, so please see individual listings for specific details.
Q: Is Art Resin a UV protected resin
A:  ArtResin is derived from museum conservation-grade materials to ensure its water-clear clarity is preserved for decades. Many resins contain a UV stabilizer to help     delay the epoxy's natural yellowing process, however this alone is not enough to prevent yellowing from happening. ArtResin contains a UV stabiliser and an advanced additive called   HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer) that interrupts the yellowing process before it can begin. The result is that it stays clear both in the bottle and once cured.
Q:  What materials are the frames made from?
A:  The frames are produced in New Plymouth by a local small business, they are pine and sometimes have a Walnut stain.
Q:  What type of product is "board" referring to
A:  "Board" in this case is referring to MDF,  and has been sealed with Zinsser Perma-White Commercial Paint.

Ocean Escape



Medium:   Ink & Resin  on board

Dimensions:   1000mm x 1000mm

26 October 2023

Donna O'Donoghue