How to DIY Aged Vintage Bells - A Pottery Barn Dupe

This is the first set of Bells I made,
  1. Roll out the clay and wrap it around the object, did this with a takeaway cup acting as a barrier to the ceramic vessel I used to size
  2. Join ends on the side by marking one side to the clay with groves, I also added a little PVA for good measure, now blend by pulling the top layer over the bottom to blend into it, and the same for the circle to the of the now clay cylinder - leave to dry, I dried my in a dehydrator for a couple of hours at 50deg
  3. For the cardstock bell, Cut out a cardstock rectangle and circle for the top.
  4. Glue sides together, add cuts to the top, fold in and glue, then glue the folded circle to the top.
  5. Add bells, I did this by attaching to a piece of string and glueing it to the inside top of the large bell top.
  6. Add a coat of filler to the cardstock bell - leave it to dry.
  7. Roll out air-dried clay and add rims, and handles to both bells. Add glue to the dried air-dried clay base and push the clay on for the rims, blending. Again, leave to dry
  8. Paint bells with Baking soda black paint mix
  9. Add a gold paint layer - I used a Resene - Goldmine in one and Brass Alcohol in on the other.
  10. Add colour black wash, to age and tone down the brass and paint.
Product used
Air-Dried Clay
120 GSM cardstock
PVA glue
Hot Glue Gun
Brass Pinata Alcohol Ink
Isopropyl Alcohol
Black Paint
Water (for blending the clay into itself)
Vessel for shape
Bell for bell


07 November 2022

How toDIY Aged Vintage Bells - A Pottery Barn Dupe - faux silver bell

Do you love the look of aged vintage bells but can't seem to find them anywhere? Well, fear not! In this video, we'll show you how to create your own aged vintage bells using simple materials you can find at your local hardware store or craft store! This Pottery Barn Dupe is perfect for adding a touch of Christmas magic to your décor. Whether you're looking to decorate your home for the holidays or just add some fun flair to your everyday space, this DIY project is perfect for you! I sure had a heap of fun making them! Enjoy


This is the 2nd round of vintage bells I made,  the first is further down the page

  1. Roll out the clay and wrap it around the object 01:29

  2. Join ends on the side, scoring the clay as well as adding glue blend together with a finger, adding a little water if needed.

  3. Leave to dry

  4. Roll out the clay and cut a large circle for the top.

  5. Attach as you did before with the sides

  6. Leave to dry

  7. Roll out clay, cutting 2 thin strips approx 25mm wide, one for the hook/holder at the top and the other for the rim.

  8. Blend on to the base as you have the previous two times

  9. With the rim, run a tool around the middle of the added strip, essentially creating two strips, then smooth out.

  10. Leave to dry

  11. Add a layer of filler, with damp hands, smooth out all over the bell and leave to dry

  12. Spay with black paint

  13. Rub a layer of dirt in

  14. Spray with silver paint

  15. Rub a layer of dirt in.

  16. Add aging with Orange and Burnt Umber (dark brown) paints. I also sprayed silver into the as well to help with the blending. I also rubbed in more dirt to a few patches

  17. Leave to dry wipe off excess dirt, Rub all over with antiquing wax.


Link to video -


Donna O'Donoghue