Glass Resin



Medium:   Epoxy Resin

Size:   i l

Solvent Free, High Gloss, Self-levelling and High Impact Resistance.


Glass resin is a resin that is free from solvents and offers a remarkable combination of qualities: it provides a high gloss finish, is self-levelling, and boasts impressive impact resistance. It is mixed at a 2:1 ratio by weight. This product is specially crafted for surface finishing, thanks to its self-leveling capabilities. A single application of Liquid Glass is equivalent to applying 40 coats of varnish. It stands out for its exceptional clarity, providing the highest level of gloss among artificial resin systems. Additionally, it offers outstanding chemical resistance and durability. Liquid Glass is UV-resistant and safe for food contact.


Applying glass resin is straightforward, but it demands an ample amount of the product. One litre can cover a square meter to a depth of 1mm, yet 1mm of glass resin alone won't create a level surface. As a result, you'll need a minimum of 2 litres per square meter, effectively doubling the quantity required for the area.


12 October 2023

Donna O'Donoghue