Here are the two projects videos before and after

16 April 2023

DIY Aged Vessel - Redoing a RH Thrift Flip I Didn't Like

In this video, "Redoing a Thrift Flip I Didn't Like," I will be revamping a failed Restoration Hardware Dupe project with baking soda paint, air-dried clay, and KBS Diamond Coat. Using baking soda paint, I will cover up the original design, then start anew with air-dried clay. I will take you through each step of the clay process, including sanding and smoothing. Finally, I apply the KBS Diamond Coat to give the project a shiny finish. This engaging and unique video will surely attract viewers interested in DIY and home decor.


Products Used


Baking Soda Paint

Passtime Crafts White Air Dried Clay - this is an Australian budget brand, I am thinking this is why it cracks it seems to dry out very quickly especially comparing the Jovi that I would normally use.

KBS Diamond Coating - This product is amazing, and is available world wide.

Resene Clearcoat UVS - This a product I purchased to finish with my art pieces it was not quite what I wanted but makes a really good sealer

Maries Oil Paint  - run-of-the-mill, oils great for crafts.




Donna O'Donoghue