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Get Surrealism Prints for Sale at Donna O’Donoghue’s Online Surrealism Art Gallery

Surrealism art is one of the most captivating art movements of the twentieth century. Surrealism sought to celebrate the human unconscious while repressing rationality. Surrealism is most often associated with the works of Salvador Dali. The surrealist movement began as a literary group in the 1920’s and was founded by poet Andre Breton. Intrigued by Sigmund Freud’s theories on the unconscious mind, Breton wanted to release the masses from society’s rational order with a revolutionary artistic movement. With this artistic movement, he wanted to combine the ‘real’ and ‘dream’ worlds.


Surrealism art grew into the 1940’s especially in the beginning of World War II as political upheaval increased, as many artists turned to surrealism as a way to express the state of crisis that the world was in. There are many techniques that surrealism artists used to bring their unconscious thoughts to the foreground of their work. Since Freud believed dreams were the only place the deepest unconscious thoughts were allowed to roam free, it’s no surprise to see most surrealist artists bringing about dreamlike visions to life through hyper realistic drawing, paintings and sculptures.


The love for surrealism continues to grow and is among the most popular displays of art in homes and buildings. If you are looking for surrealism prints for sale, check out Donna O'Donoghue’s online surrealism art gallery.


A self taught artist, Donna works her magic using a stunning mixture of Photoshop and mixed media. She makes art, because she loves to create. She loves what she does! An artist, a crafter, an artisan...essentially she plays all day long, creating until her heart's content. Not only can you catch her surrealism prints for sale at her online surrealism art gallery, but you can also catch her exhibiting her work around New Zealand regularly.

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