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Check Out the Satirical Historical Portraits and Humorous Animal Artwork by Donna O’Donoghue

There will always be people who will use their wit to challenge and mock social issues of their time and even disseminate the insufficiencies of our political leaders. That is why people love satire. Satire has been around for ages and it helps raise awareness about the current state of affairs and challenge viewpoints using irony and humor. It’s an exaggeration to help point out the magnitude of current problems and helps us face the unpleasant world as it is. And while satire is very amusing, it’s main goal is to educate us so that we can improve the horrible realities in which we are experiencing today.


And, if you love satirical artwork, you will certainly love the satirical historical portraits by Donna O’Donoghue. These satirical historical portraits feature historical figures with animal heads. Not only do these portraits portray witty, satirical meanings, they also make great home art decorations.


Speaking of animals, if you love animals, you will definitely love her Animal Antics Collection. This is a fun collection of humorous animal artwork and photomanipulation at its finest. There's no doubt about it, this collection of humorous animal artwork is weird, whacky and funny.


Whether you are looking for satirical historical portraits or humorous animal artwork for your home, you will definitely love what you see at Donna O’Donoghue’s website at Most of her artwork is available to purchase as surreal prints on her site. A self taught artist, Donna works her magic using a stunning mixture of Photoshop and mixed media. She makes art, because she loves to create. She loves what she does! An artist, a crafter, an artisan...essentially she plays all day long, creating until her heart's content. Not only can you catch her surrealism prints for sale at her online surrealism art gallery, but you can also catch her exhibiting her work around New Zealand regularly.

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