Whale Rock | Donna O'Donoghue

Whale Rock


Series: Escape 


Somewhere out there, there is an island that is home to just one tree. A tree that is bare of all it leaves and stands tall, strong and proud in the glowing night sky. This tree has a swing, it is called the "forget swing". A swing that helps you forget all that is unimportant, wipes fears and not so nice memories and lets you live purely in the moment. You don't need the rowboat to get to the island it is there for looks, just close your eyes look at the image and take a swing.


Limited Edition 2/6


PRINT ONLY $250 Each print comes with a signed letter of authenticity


Size: 370 x  570 mm plus 5mm white edge  ( also available in 470 x 770 mm )

Paper: Moab Exhibition Lustre

Paper Weight: 300GSM


Framing option


Print Size: 370 x 570mm

Matt: 70mm

Frame Size: 520 x 720mm

Colour: White

Paper: Moab Exhibition Lustre

Paper Weight: 300GSM


Whale Rock

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