The No Sew Cushion

The internet, YouTube in particular, is a great place to see unbelievable stuff!

My latest find fell into that category - The No Sew Cushion. I was so adamant it couldn't work I had to give it a go.

I have used placemats from The Warehouse hence the rectangle shape, but there is no reason why this method could not be applied to square-cut material. They did have some 450mm sq table napkins and I was tempted to try, but I thought the material was a little thin and it would have to lining.


I am not sure why I questioned the process. I thought the glue wouldn't hold or would be hard to sit against.

In the YouTube demonstration I watched they glued both ends, I was not sure about that either. This is why I added the velcro, so the filling could be removed so it could be washed.

Not only did it work but I love the results. I have made two now and in both I have made mistakes but nothing an iron and some brown paper couldn't fix. This heated up the glue again so I could pull it apart and adjust.

I've been thinking about what else this process could be applied to.

Do you have any ideas?

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