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The art of propagation



1. the act of producing a new plant from a parent plant

Have you wanted to try rose propagation but always assumed it was too hard?

I had always thought it was way above my gardening pay grade but turns out it is actually very easy.

I have three very old rose bushes that grow big beautiful blooms with stunning fragrance and I wanted to share them.

I've tried two different methods so far and have hesitantly chalked them both up as a success.

Method one involved using an enclosed an terrarium type environment I kept indoors. I just cut the top off some large plastic water containers I had and used them to cover the cuttings. I wrapped the base of each cutting in banana skin and planted it in soil.

These grew very fast, and seem quite hardy. I have already given some away and I have a couple still going strong outside.

For the second method I dipped the base of the cutting in honey and planted it in soil outside. Even though they were planted in a sheltered position I was a bit dubious about the process as winter was well and truly here and I doubted their ability to survive in the cold.

I'm happy to report it seems I have been proved wrong, they are very slow growing but they are now just beginning to show signs of new life.

I've tried to keep them watered and fed with fertilizer to give them the best chance.

I'll keep you posted on how they fare, I'm looking forward to sharing a photo one day of a jar full of flowers from my propagated plants!

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