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My feathered friends

Spring is in full swing and signs of the new season are everywhere - warmer(ish) weather, bouncing lambs in paddocks and blossoms budding on the trees.

One thing I love about spring is the abundance of birds in the garden and trees around me. I love hearing Tui's distinctive call and searching for his iridescent sheen amongst the foliage.

This gets me thinking about my Feathered Friends collection. If you haven't seen it, this series is based on mainly native birds which I have paired with a fruit or foliage. One of my favourites is the pair of Tui sitting on scales with some Kowhai flowers.

I purposely created this series as a smaller print, imagining them hung in kitchens or smaller spaces, and complete them with a box frame with a resin finish.

I recently packed some prints to ship down to the Little River Gallery. This gem of a gallery is located between Christchurch and Akaroa and has been selling these prints since 2017.

The gallery is packed full of 100% Kiwi made art and mementos and I love hearing how these prints capture the eye of locals and visitors to the area.

The latest addition to the collection is the Heron Tea, such an elegant bird that I thought matched well with a silver teapot and dense green tea leaves.

I'm up to 25 prints in the collection but the potential compositions for this fun series are endless. Have a browse and let me know if there is a bird you would like to see included.

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