Leaving Lockdown

It’s day ?? of lockdown (did anyone keep count?) and we are nearly back to (new) normal. In my last blog I predicted I’d cope well with the enforced solitude and had grand plans with how I would use my time.

So did I get my to do list done? Did I cope with the isolation? Yes and yes, sort of.

For the most part I loved lockdown. I was in my element with few distractions -turn off Facebook and you turn off the world.

I set myself quite a list of things to do, from creating a website and taking product photos/videos, to washing my studio windows and gardening.

I nearly nailed it:

Website- tick Garden- tick

Windows washed- tick (now need doing again!) Photos and videos- tick and tick New images for art shows- lots of ticks

Recycle studio paper waste into fire blocks- tick

Daily walk or workout- no tick (epic fail even) Reorganise the pantry- zero ticks

Work on my drawing skills- no ticks there either

Creating a website turned into a time swallowing monster which meant a few things (that I never really wanted to do in the first place) got pushed to the side. Don’t get me wrong, I love the website and have even been able to help out a few friends with theirs, but it was a way bigger job that I initially thought.

I missed my friends but handled social distancing fine, catching up via zoom. I also missed my coffee. My store bought, freshly ground beans. Lockdown taught me I have been taking a decent long black for granted.

I’ll admit I’m looking forward to getting out and about, hitting the shops (keeping it local of course), seeing my friends in person instead of via a screen, and heading down to my local.

So I’m going to give myself a pass mark on coping with lockdown. I’m also making a ‘new normal’ resolution to try and wash my windows more often, not just when a global pandemic hits.

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