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Phone finding

Faced with the underwhelming thought of a night in front of the tv I headed out, camera in hand, to the beach.

I don't want to sound dramatic but little did I know just how eventful the night would be.

I spent a few hours playing around to get the perfect shot. Lying in the sand, sprawled in the long grass, crouching beside the grass, on my tiptoes on a rock (and nearly losing my glasses), all in the quest for 'that' image.

I was in my element and as at the sun started its descent I decided to take a quick photo on my phone to post on social media.

Didn't happen.

Somewhere in my two hours of beachside bliss I had lost my phone. As the creative flow took over all thoughts of putting it somewhere safe (as opposed to my unzipped jacket pocket or in the pocket of my loose pants) went out the window.

You can imagine my horror as I looked across the three foot grass that I had been amongst only moments before realising it would probably never be found again.

To cut a long story short I went home to activate the 'find my phone' app and enlist the (much appreciated) help from my sister and brother-inlaw to embark on a phone finding mission.

What a way to spend a Saturday night. I'm not sure what I was thinking, as if I would be able to hear the sound of my phone ringing over the ocean or see it light up amongst the jungle of beach grass.

So I went home phone-less and dejected.

It is only when you don't have them that you realise what a lifeline your phone is.

I went back on Sunday morning for one last look, a bit confused because on one map it said my phone was on the grass and in the ocean on the other.

With a whole lot of hope I looked where I had changed lenses and thought I might have dropped it. Nope. My heart sank and just when I had given up all hope and turned to head home a black object caught my eye.

I can not even begin to describe the feeling of relief!

So the lesson?

Family are everything and always there in a time of need, make sure you turn on the remote setting in 'find your phone' and look at all map views. Oh, and make sure you put your phone somewhere safe when out and about!

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