Best Ever Chicken Dumpling Recipe

Chicken Dumplings, I mean who does not like Chicken Dumplings. Their subtle flavour, easy cook... Lunch, Dinner even breakfast if you really want to!

One of my favourite recipes... I make them for friends every chance I get! So easy and so yum. Have even been known to send them around the country!!

1 tblspn Lemongrass

1 tblspn Ginger

4 cloves Garlic (medium sized)

½ tspn Coriander fresh root or stalks

1 small onion (pickling onion type size) reasonably finely chopped

Fresh Chili or Chili flakes according to your tastes (optional)

Pound in Mortar and Pestle until is broken down (kind of mushy)

400g Minced Chicken (I buy free range and mince it myself.)

50g Mushroom Portabello of Button(grated) (optional)

I tblspn Soy Sause

1 tblspn Fish Sauce

dash of Sesame Oil



Mix all ingredients and leave in fridge, covered over night for best flavour adsorption.


  • I use frozen Lemongrass, this is generally found in Asian supermarkets as are the dumpling wrappers.

  • The Coriander root and stalk have the best flavour, I generally use the leaves as flavour in broth I sometimes serve my dumplings in.

  • Check out your kitchen supply shop for a dumpling folder, perfect shaped dumplings every time

  • I always test cook one dumpling to make sure flavours are good.

  • Mushroom can be swapped out for other vegetables Corn, Spinach, Cabbage etc

  • I also make more than I need of the Chicken mix and freeze it down.

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