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"Art is an escape from reality"

That quote is attributed to french artist Henri Mattise and you know what? He isn't wrong.

Another thing I like about Mattise is he wasn't a one trick pony, as well as being famous for his painting, he was a skilled sculptor, printmaker and draughtsman - something that resonates with me as an artist and a person that likes to work with a variety of mediums and techniques.

But this post isn't about Mattise, it is about 'Escape', my series of works that began in 2016.

The series is based on the idea that somewhere (doesn't matter where) there is an island, the island is home to just one tree and hanging from the tree is a swing.

This is the 'forget swing' and it helps all that swing on it forget their worries, their fears, and lets them live purely in the moment.

You aren't just escaping to the island, by sitting on that swing you are escaping for a moment all the negative thoughts swirling around in your head.

Oh to escape.

The series is made up of seven works, each limited to six prints, and I've had a pretty exciting week as I sold the final three prints of 'Whale Rock'.

It is one thing as an artist to create a work and love it, but to have others enjoy the art as much as I do is an incredible thing.

I've also added one more work to the series, just in time for the Auckland Art Show which opens on Thursday night. This is called 'Escape Turtleback Island' (pictured on the left) and I think another magical edition to one of my favourite series.

Talking of the Auckland Art Show, make sure you head to their official website to view all the wonderful art on offer. I have 15 works catalogued and can't wait to sit down, relax and browse through all there is to see - escape, if you will, from reality with art.

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