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Creating with Concrete

I have always wanted to give working with concrete a try and last week I finally got around to giving it a go.

With a few items at the ready - large plastic bowls, commercial size tomato relish containers (2.4kg), some release spray, water and scales - I was away laughing.

It is a super easy process, and relatively quick setting, I could take the moulds off within a 6 hour time frame. I probably would not go as far using the pot that day, but at least I could reuse the moulds.

I may seem a touch impatient, but though this was a very fast set time for concrete, it wasn't compared to other products I use for this type of project like casting plaster which has a 20 minute set time.  

I was initially going to make pots for my growing plant collection, but I loved what I made so much that only one of the five I made have been used for plants. Others have found their place in my studio as display vessels. 

I was a little worried about the roughcast of the concrete damaging my resin pieces but that was an easy fix. I just hot glued some material to the inside and wah-lah - problem solved.   

While I have plans to make some more pots for my plants, I think I will have a go at concrete blocks next.

I'm channeling my flatting days for some shelving inspiration, you know the ones when shelves were planks of wood and cinder blocks?

20 years later and with my new found concreting skills I am sure I can make something very stylish.  

I will do a photo worksheet soon so you can see how it is done. Make sure you join my mailing list to catch it in next week's newsletter.

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