Craft Kits: Spotlight on Image Transfer

I love Image Transfer but it has always been my nemesis – the technique that never quite turns out the way I want.

It is essentially the process of taking an image from something, like paper, and transfer it onto another surface, like wood. In the process the toner that makes up the picture is lifted from one surface and applied to the other and the image is reversed horizontally. 

I've always felt my results have lacked in some way, sometimes limited by the surfaces I have used, and I've tried quite a few techniques.

I've tried the rub off paper method (my fingers hated me for it). That's the one where you put the paper on to gel, paint, or Sellotape and rub like crazy. I've tried printing onto OHP, on to wax paper, printing on to paper and iron on, and solvent transfers. You name an Image Transfer technique and chances are I have tried it. 

There are a lot of specialised products you can buy but I'm a DIY kind of gal and enjoy finding cost effective ways of making art with a high quality result.

For the last few months I have been developing my craft kits and one of my favourites is the Image Transfer.

I found a paper that works brilliantly with a laser printer and transfers onto multiple surfaces. I've been successful transferring images onto material, wood, paper, painted surfaces, ceramic and even plastic (resin) if you are very careful.

This paper met all the criteria to be included in my kit: good quality, great results and the right price.

The Image Transfer craft kit is only $12.95 and includes printing paper, wood rounds, pegs, magnets, wine glass charms, varnish, string and sandpaper. All the materials you need to get well on your way to becoming experienced Image Transferrers.

I include instruction sheets but if you sign up to my (free) member's area on the website you also get access to PDF and video instructions. 

Check out the  projects place or online courses for ideas. Again you just need to join my member's area for access but most are free and well-worth a look if you are needing inspiration.  

As well as Image Transfer you can browse basic how to courses for resin, clay and casting plaster. Then I move on to projects combining these products and techniques

You can view and purchase my Image Transfer Craft Kit here:

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