Christchurch Art Show

9 days to go!

Usually at this time of year I am getting ready for my annual trip to the South Island for the Christchurch Art Show.

Not this year. 2020 is the year of the online event and like everyone else I will be viewing the show from afar. 

There will be no road trip or riding the waves on the Cook Strait ferry. There will be no viewing the vistas of light laying itself on the alps, or seeing the shadows playing hide and seek in the hills. I won't get to enjoy the cool embrace of the South Island's crisp clean air on my skin, or breathe it into my lungs.

I've had to make do with reminiscing over a few photos from past trips, and even a video from one of the Cook Strait crossings ( if you are not good with ocean swells this video may not be for you, but if you love the energy of the ocean, seeing the depth and power of the waves as they swell and the evening light settle upon the ocean, then take a look).

 Don't get me wrong, I have loved preparing for the show. I'm also looking forward to sitting down, viewing the show and getting lost in the talent online.

If you are interested the show runs from June 18 till the 21st you can find all the info here. You can even buy tickets to the 'exclusive opening night'. Have your glass of wine on hand (watch the spillage on the keyboard), get some cheese and crackers ready, and even dress up on opening night for an online competition.

My works this year are new and varied, some are different to my normal style, but don't worry there are still islands to escape to with worlds that will take you to a new places, great places!  

There's runaway horses, an umbrella and butterflies in forests, the most regal and majestic of Bears and animal antics.  I've done some mixed media pieces, layers translucent and colour filled resin dimensions.

While there will be no rush to set up my wall this year, with a quick "hi, how are you", "lovely to see you again" or hugs with my fellow artists friends we will be able to catch up online and it will make the next show when we do see each other that much more special.

There will be no opening night exhilaration and chats with the crowd, or watching people smile and seeing the joy on their face while looking at my pieces take them away into a moment of magic. I will have to make do with phone calls and messages of feedback from viewers and hearing them talk about how my art made them feel.

Oh how I will miss this event.

Roll on September and the Auckland Art Show, needless to say I can't wait!

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