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Thank you for joining my mailing list.  Please click the download button to receive your images


This listing contains five (5) high resolution (300 dpi) downloadable digital files including four (5) JPGs and one (1) PDF:

- 5:4 ratio file for printing 4"x5", 8"x10", 16"x20" 

- 4:3 ratio file for printing 6"x8", 9"x12", 12"x16" 

- International paper size file for printing 5"x7", A5, A4, A3, 

- 11"x14" file

- 8"x10" PDF - prints on standard, letter size 8.5" x 11" printer paper with NO trimming required for super easy home printing


​Permitted Use: This file is for personal use only. This file may not be used for any commercial purposes. This includes but is not limited to selling the printed product, selling the file, and uploading the file to any other website other than to have it printed for personal use. You may not use anything on our site for any commercial purposes. By downloading the file, you agree to our file Terms of Use.

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