Illuminate Your Home with Home Decor Art From Donna O’Donoghue

A home without artwork is often basic and bland. Artwork adds excitement to a room, it gives the room a certain character. If you want home decor art that would look great in any room in your home, check out the home decor art at Donna O’Donoghue’s website. While her art pieces are displayed in art galleries all around New Zealand, she would rather see them being enjoyed in your home. Each and every art print is created with love and emotion. Her large and varied collection makes it easy to find just the right piece for any home. Her home decor art is suitable for all decorating styles and taste.


Her bird portraits for sale are a favorite amongst art lovers and home interior decorators. Appropriately called the Feathered Friends Collection, these birds portraits for sale is a beautiful collection of surreal images, subtly composed with fruit and mostly New Zealand native birds, with a couple of exceptions. If you have a favourite bird and would like to see it paired with fruit, you can message Donna O’Donoghue on her site at and she will rise up to the challenge, creating a piece of home decor art that can enhance the mood for any room.


Go to her website today and consider how her home decor art can illuminate any room in your home. Whether it’s her bird portraits for sale or resin acrylic art that you take interest in, you can be sure that her artwork can add interest to any wall.  


A home should be filled with things that make you smile. Let Donna O’Donoghue that joy into your home with her home decor art.  



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