Escape 2020

Escape  the series

A story that began in 2016

Deep rich colours and strong negative space bombard these stunning pieces.

They draw you in, make you question, and leave your soul replenished.

This surrealism online gallery is dark but realistic. Gloomy but somehow inviting.

A place you would like to visit but not live. 

This surrealism online gallery is the best-selling series produced by New Zealand artist Donna O’Donoghue, and deserves a large spot in your home.

Bring midnight to your wall and feel endlessly intrigued with wonder.


Somewhere is an island, home to just one tree.

Bare of all it leaves in winter and lush and with foliage in summer.

It stands tall, strong, and proud in the fluorescent night sky.

A swing ominously hangs from the tree;

The ‘forget swing’.

A swing that helps you forget the unimportant, banishes fear and lets you live purely in the moment.

No boat travels to the Island

Just close your eyes and imagine.