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Epicurean Evolution

Surrealism Art Prints at their best!  This series of images each has a story to tell. In an age where we want to look more closely at what's in our food.
A somewhat humorous take on what is in our food.


Fish and Chips

Traditional Fish and Chips, with Tomato Sauce and Vinegar on the side & Chicken in the Salt

Milk Based Beverages

Iced Cow & Chocolate Strawberry & Cow Milkshake Fruit & Cow Smoothie

Wine and Cheese Platter

Fermented Grapes served with Goat, Cow and Flour

Pie Bacon and Egg

Pig and Hen Pie

Steak and Cheese Pie

Cow and Cow Pie


Long Black with Cow on the Side

Cup of Tea

Fresh Tea Leaves with whole Sugar Cane Stem with Cow

BBQ Bacon Mushroom Pizza

BBQ Mushrooms, Onions, Buffalo and Pig Pizza

BBQ Beef Bacon Burger

A platter of Potato, with BBQ Cow and Pig with Lettuce Tomato and Mushroom

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