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Do you like the aged vessels that are popping up all over the place, you know the type! Beautiful large, rustic, organic even,  handmade earthenware type of vessel.

I made one!

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Thrift Flipping

This week's DIY was one that I have been looking forward to and can't wait to do more.  Using gib filler one and baking soda paint on the other, they have just turned out fabulous.


Cheap as chips

Here is a budget-friendly DIY for making your own silicon molds (non-mold bonus use included).  These long-lasting molds are super easy to make, can be used to Air Dry Clay, Casting Plaster, and resin, what is even better is they can be re-used


Metal Object Dupe

Creating with Resin

Have you seen those beautiful metal decor objects in stores like West Elm? their curves, fluidity, and lush gold exterior, that have a bold and striking pose.  I am sure you have, here is how I made mine with resin and gold leaf.


Sanding Sticks

Easy to make

I don't know about you but sometimes getting my hands into objects and sanding can sometimes be a right pain and so frustrating.  This is why I made these sanding sticks


Large  Vessel

Earthernware Dupe

This piece is an eye-catcher, large and beautiful it commands any space it rests.  An easy create, it is only the setting time of the cement that is the drag in this project

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Modern Colour Coasters

Soft hues with a sparkle

A new set of coasters for every setting, their soft tones have a gentle serene feel and would make a wonderful addition to any meditative space or reading nook.  They are easy to make, with or without the resin finish.

2022-08-07 09.51.19.jpg

Walnut Ink Stain

Natures Colour Treatment

Do you have access to Walnut husks?  They make the most wonderful stain.  I have used it on many a project from frames to vessels

Here is how to make your own stain


Screenshot 2022-08-27 144048.png

DIY coaster bases

Making the most of what is available

There is nothing like getting your hands dirty, feeling a product as it threads through your fingers, and watching it go from nothing to something it is inspirational and it is what gets me up in the morning.  If this is what you love you will enjoy this project.



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