Concrete pot making

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Concrete Pot Making


  1. Dricon, high strength (pothole) concrete 20kg-3L water


  1. Spray containers with lubricant, I am using cooking oil but I have also use CRC and they both work fine.


  1. Place a straw in the precut hole, this acts as a drainage hole for the planter.


  1. Weigh out the mix. My outside container was 2.4kg size and the inside was a 700ml capacity size and I used 3kg of concrete and around 450ml water


  1. This is a 1 kg batch, mixed and ready to add to my mould. It really does not take much mixing at all. I generally only mixed until I could see no more dry concrete.


  1. The first batch I packed in around the straw, pushing some up the sides.


  1. Place the small container inside pushing the straw through the hole. Fill with concrete mix pushing down to make sure no gaps.


  1. Weigh down (inner container) and leave to set.


  1. Finished pot, I de-molded after around 7hours, but it will take a number of weeks(3) to full.

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