Casting Plaster

Helpful information and ideas to get you working with casting plaster sucessfully

  1. Visual: Video, Slide show, Images, Zoom
  2. Written:  Instructions and PDF

what is included in this course

Course Contents

  • How to weigh mix and pour casting plaster correctly
  • Tyes of casting plaster
  • The dos and don'ts of casting plaster
  • Methods of Application
  • Casting Plaster Projects




Written Instructions

1.Weigh out water  60grams

2. Add 100grams plaster, slowly adding the plaster to the water, adding it all at once may result in clumpy plaster

3. Let sit for 2 minutes

4. Mix, until you feel no more lumps.

5. Pour into shape – when pouring into the shape pour from one position as the will help        lessen the air bubbles in the plaster

6. When done gently tap the side of the shape (cookie cutters work well) or mould a few times to remove air bubbles

7. When the plaster is set (roughly around the 40-minute mark with normal plaster – quickset 20 min) remove from mould and leave to cure, this can take up to a week some times depending on room temperature.

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