our feathered friends

Make your kitchen or living space pop with colour and character, by hanging any one of these bird portraits.

A cheeky Heron eating tea, or a native Weka with a pineapple displayed in your home as wall art.

New Zealand artist Donna O’Donoghue loves the lightness and humour of these bird’s and their surreal settings and makes a point to depict the birds beauty with outstanding realism.

If you are a bird lover or food lover these bird portraits are made for you.

Try one today.

Black Robin Cherry


Robin Apple

Tui Scales

Tui Kowhai (Large)

Tui Kowhai

kg2020 (Large)

Kiwi Grape

tf2020 (Large)

Tui Flax

Fantail Peppercorn (Large)

Fantail Peppercorn

Keawatermellon (Large)

Kea Watermellon

ko2020 (Large)

Kea Orange

pg2020 (Large)

Pukeko Grape

pp2020 (Large)

Pukeko Pear

Weka Pineapple (Large)

Weka Pineapple

kfpf2020 (Large)

Kingfisher Passionfruit

kkp2020 (Large)

Kingfisher Kelp

kb2020 (Large)

Kereru Bananas

dlh2020 (Large)

Heron Tea

bbn2020 (Large)

Bell Bird Nectarine

2020web (Large)

Waxeye - Autumn

Wax Eye Strawberry

wl2020 (Large)

Waxeye Lime

mpf2020 (Large)

Morepork Figs

ocg2020 (Large)

Oystercatcher Capegoosebery

Pear Partridge (Large)

Partridge Pear Tree