Are You Looking for Art Tutorials in New Plymouth, NZ?

Are you looking for art tutorials in New Plymouth, NZ? If you are looking for art tutorials, we have just the place for you. People love creating art because it is a positive activity which offers many physical, mental and spiritual benefits.


People use art as a way to communicate. This is extremely beneficial for those who lack communication or have problems expressing themselves. For others, it provides a sense of therapy. Being able to paint and tune into the creative mind helps to positively escape from reality, which provides a mental rest that lowers stress and generates feelings of relaxation. When a person immerses themselves for several hours creating art, they enter a purer area and abstract themselves from their surroundings and they hardly even notice time passing by. It is almost like entering another dimension without leaving the body. Painting, drawing and sculpting distracts from our problems. We can take our anguish out on the canvas, identify our feelings, increase our expression capabilities and transform them into something beautiful - something that is personal.


Are you ready to start creating art? If you are looking for art tutorials in New Plymouth to help provide a sense of relief and therapy, check out the art tutorials from Donna O’Donoghue. She makes art, because she loves to create. She loves what she does! An artist, a crafter, an artisan...essentially she plays all day long, creating until her heart's content. And, you can too, when you take her tutorials.


If you want to see examples of or purchase Donna O’Donoghue art, you can go to her website at Donna O’Donoghue art is also displayed regularly in galleries around New Zealand.



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