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Animal Anitics

Mama Bear

Mama Bear

Admiral Hareington

Admiral Hareington

Lord Hareington A (Large)

Lord Hareington

Lord Hudson the Third

Lord Hudson 5/6

Lady Egert

Lady Egert 3/6

Master Richard

Portrait of a Dog - Boxer - 1829

Lord Mayer 1884

Lord Bear Mayer - Franz 1854

Lady Mayer 1884

Lady Panda Mayer - Johanna 1854

Conquered Kitty

Conquered Kitty: The Mouse Won! Edition 3/15


Take a look inside Edition 2/15

Zebra Bubble Bath (Large)

Zebra Bubbles, a new rendition


Standing Tall Edition 4/15

Sitting Bear

Three Bears on a Rock Edition 5/15

Music in the woods

Come play for me Edition 2/15


Elephants play Soccer. Edition 2/15

Marlin Fishing

Marlin go Fishing Edition 2/15

Polar Ber

Polar Bears Plays Ball Edition 2/15

Zebra Bath

ALL EDITIONS SOLD - Do you love this, would you like something similar? Message Me

Skater Dude

New Plymouth Waterfront Walkway SOLD

Giraffe Ballet

Giraffe Ballet circa 2012 SOLD

Zebra Gym

Zebra Gym original (2009) SOLD

Back Beach

Back Beach on a Rainy Day SOLD

For the artist - what started as a challenge to make people laugh has resulted in a captivating surrealism online gallery.

The weird, the wonderful, and the wacky are displayed in every single image.

A zebra on a treadmill or a giraffe doing ballet could burst from a wall in your home and make you stop and giggle every time you walk past the wall art.

New Zealand artist Donna O’Donoghue believes art in the home should make you happy – the goal of every one of these pieces.

Bring happiness and laughter to your home today.

This is a fun collection of animals and photomanipulation at its finest.

There's no doubt about it, they're weird, whacky and funny. 

Which is your favourite? (leave a comment below) I'd love to know.

If you'd love to have one in your home, most are still available as surreal prints.

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