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Decorate Your Home with Abstract Resin Art By Donna O’Donoghue

Are you in the market for abstract resin art? Look no further than the resin acrylic art created by Donna O’Donoghue. It is said that art feeds the soul, as food feeds the body. Donna O’Donoghue believes in this wholeheartedly. Filling a home with beautiful art that speaks to your soul is something that will improve the quality of life inside the home. Seeing things that you love hanging on the walls is a way to create a positive environment inside the home. When you hang one of these abstract resin art pieces in your home, it fills the room with positive energy. This energy permeates throughout the home. Don't keep things that you don't love inside your home. Instead, be discriminating and only bring things inside that make you feel good. If you check out her online gallery, you are sure to find a resin acrylic art piece that will speak to your soul.


Donna O’Donoghue paints with passion, which comes through in each and every piece that she creates. A self taught artist, Donna works her magic using a stunning mixture of Photoshop and mixed media. She makes art, because she loves to create. She loves what she does! An artist, a crafter, an artisan...essentially she plays all day long, creating until her heart's content. She loves the challenge of bringing the thought that is in her mind and creating beautiful abstract resin art. Her resin acrylic art is often displayed in galleries around New Zealand regularly.


To see examples of her resin acrylic art, go to

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