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Donna O'Donoghue

Creating is my happy place

A chef by trade, Donna traded pots, pans and a frenetic kitchen environment for a camera, art supplies and creative studio in 2004.

Based in New Plymouth Donna is a self-taught artist who creates because she loves to play.

Armed with a subscription to photoshop and a vivid imagination, Donna’s images focus on surrealism and fantasy. She will combine something ordinary with something imagined creating an image with a magic, dreamlike quality. Think floating islands with waterfalls, carousel horses frolicking in forests or a stag walking down the main street of New Plymouth.

Donna also loves a bit of messy play and is happiest when working with resin, clay, plaster or transferring images onto mixed media.

Her use of colour and appreciation for beauty is seen in not only her artwork, but her range of lovingly crafted home décor pieces.

A regular at art shows, Donna enjoys travelling the country talking to other artists and clients, sharing her passion for art. A selection of her works can also be found in local galleries.

Original, beautiful and often with a sense of inherent fun, each of Donna’s works are created for enjoyment and to bring delight to those who view them.

Her works can be viewed in her online surrealism gallery which includes satirical historical portraits, humorous animal artworks and bird portraits capturing some of Donna’s favourite feathered friends.

Donna also hosts art tutorials in New Plymouth, introducing people to some of her favourite creative processes. These include abstract resin art, creating home décor items and resin acrylic art.



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