A little red umbrella

Umbrella in the Woods

Umbrella in the Woods Edition 1/6 370 x 570mm

Umbrella Forest and a Deer

A new Umbrella Forest Edition 1/6

Umbrella Warehouse

Umbrella Warehouse Edition 2/6

Umbrella Path

A journey into a forest. SOLD

Umbrella Journey

Unconventional home to a couple of Fantails. SOLD

Umbrella Winter Garden

The Beautiful Auckland Winter Gardens SOLD

Undersea Umbrellla

The second image in the series. SOLD

A Little Red Umbrella

This was the first in the series. SOLD

Umbrella Butterfly

Umbrella Butterfly. SOLD

Black and white with a splash of colour

my umbrella series is surreal art at its finest.  

The beautiful monochromatic background with a touch of red.  

This series has been going since 2012 and like a lot of my early works, was inspired by Jerry Uelsmann a fantastic photographic darkroom surrealist. 

Most of the works in my digital art portfolio are works created

from pictures or images in my mind. They come alive in photoshop, are often whimsical and have fantasy elements to them.

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