All these images are sold as limited edition framed or unframed print, most are editions of 6 some others slightly larger.  The images are printed on a top quality 230gsm photographic paper named Vibrance.  Derek’s Darkroom in New Plymouth does all her printing, and mounting on to board, Donna mounts in the frames in her studio.  The framed prints are also finished with a very fine laminate so they can be wiped with a damp cloth.



A Giraffe, a rowboat, a rock and a Seagull all appear in every image apart from one.  This series started back in 2007 when Donna was living and working as a chef in Auckland.  One day early January 2007 she visited Auckland Zoo in the morning and Kare Kare beach in the afternoon and that day or the next “Stranded” was born.

Most editions are out of print, some never made it to print they were just to add to the story.



gallery/stranded 2017

Stranded 2017

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