Whiteheart Hotel

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I Believe




The Gables

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Whale Rock



White Heart



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By the Light of the Silvery Moon


Arms wrapped around a glowing moon he breathes in its essence and lets the light encompass his whole being taking time to let his soul revive.




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New Moon


Legend tells us that every time the moon falls to earth and cracks open magic is bestowed upon those who believe.  So every a new moon graces the skys remember the old moon has fallen far from sight and earth magic has filled the air.

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Call of the Wild


Deep in the forest of Aclmire, the ancient green hues settle in the evening sky, clouds and mist grace the treetops while a lone wolf sings, his howl ringing out through the valley below. It breaks the silence of the land with the promise of natures best will rise again with tomorrows dawn.

New works and works in progress for 2019