Welcome to your

My Assemblage Box

Have you received a "my assemblage box"?

Don't know what to?

Mix and match items to create a visual story – a story in a box (tin) A whimsical tale, or something visually entertaining….  You can choose whatever design style you want…  This is just a bit of fun, a chance to create with a few items I have collected.

There are no rules for this kit.

You will possibly need

  • PVA Glue
  • Glue Gun
  • Paint
  • Items you wish to add
  • Blue tack (included)

    Do not be afraid to 

  • To break things
  • turn them inside out
  • paint something a different colour, paint the tin
  • Pull apart that broken watch or kitchen appliance use some of its parts
  • Attach things to other random things
  • Use the lid of the tin base or something else completely for the display base

Practically anything goes! Get stuck in, there are at least 30 items in your kit, hours of fun to be had!

I have included a triangle hook to the back for hanging.

Have fun 


I have set up a private group on facebook to share  your creations 





What is Assemblage/əˈsɛmblɪdʒ/


noun: assemblage; plural noun: assemblages

a collection or gathering of things or people.

"a loose assemblage of diverse groups"


collection, accumulation, conglomeration, gathering, group, cluster, aggregation, 

raft, mass, medley, assortment, selection, jumble, series, complete series, batch, number, combination, grouping, arrangement, array

"the most varied assemblage of plants in the world"

a machine or object made of pieces fitted together.

"some vast assemblage of gears and cogs"

a work of art made by grouping together found or unrelated objects.

the action of gathering or fitting things together.

"the assemblage of electronic image and text databases

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