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gallery/butterfly swing (medium)cr
gallery/through the looking glass
gallery/cloud sitting
gallery/elephant and the playground
gallery/white spage
gallery/butterfly forest 2

Fantastical Fantasy Lands


Close your eyes and let the image take you there.  Take you away far far away to this magical place, where islands float in mid-air, clouds have swings and butterflies flutter like the beauties they are.  Donna has been creating fantasy images since 2011 only a few have made to the website for every image that is on display here there is another one if not two that exist in folders on her computer.  She loves creating these scenes and in turn hopes they give you a feeling of serenity, peace and hope.

 Whimsical magical place that exists in any minds eye.


All these images are sold as limited edition framed or unframed print, most are editions of 6 some others slightly larger.  The images are printed on a top quality 230gsm photographic paper named Vibrance.  Derek’s Darkroom in New Plymouth does all her printing, and mounting on to board, Donna mounts them into their  frames in her New Plymouth studio.  The framed prints are also finished with a very fine laminate so they can be wiped with a damp cloth.

Some of these images in the fantastical fantasy land collections have a series of images below are the links.

gallery/white spage