12 Gifts of Christmas

In this workshop, we will make all of the pieces in the picture may be more time pending. These are all super easy and fun little projects.

Cost to purchase all these items individually is $200+ 


This workshop will be run over 2 days and to help people with time availability I thought I would have a morning and afternoon slot available on each day.

Workshop one (AM)

Saturday 9-1 pm

Sunday 10- 1pm

Workshop two (PM)

Saturday 2 -6 pm

Sunday 2-5 pm 

28th and 29th November

All product supplied

Limited dates and space available

Snacks Provided

Scroll down for item information

If you have any questions feel free to call

021 1853970

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2020-10-26 07.04.45.jpg

What is included

Personalized  serving platter

350mm Serving platter, you will add a personalized emblem to the board after we have added the fluid acrylic finish to the handle, this will also be finished with a food-safe resin.

For the serving platter, there will be a choice of three different emblem designs to choose from where I can change names and dates to personalize for just for you or to meet to your gift requirements. 

If you want to do more than one please let me know.

Personalized emblem designs coming soon

ceramic new zealand

We will be adding the design element to a premade base and finished with resin.

2020-10-26 07.18.56.jpg
2020-10-26 07.12.34.jpg

poured mountain

An acrylic pour mountain (150mm) with town names and finished with UV safe resin

2020-10-26 07.37.59.jpg

Resin Pendant

You will make a resin finished pendant.

Magnetic Pegs - Teaspoons - Decorated Matchbox

We will make

3 magnetic pegs with print or word and finish with resin

3 upcycled teaspoons with print and word and finish with resin

1 decorated matchbox

2020-10-26 07.14.15.jpg
2020-10-26 07.35.00.jpg

Alcohol ink hearts - Christmas decorations

We will make the bases and finish with alcohol inks and resin

2020-10-26 07.21.01.jpg

relief imprint plaque

We will make a mould, there will be a variety of objects to choose from and make the cast and finish with alcohol ink and resin

Feather Macrame` hanging

We will make this hanging, with a piece of driftwood, beads and macrame twine. 

2020-10-26 07.21.54.jpg
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